6 Things to Know Before you Buy the iPhone 6 or 6s


The iPhone 6s and 6s plus now come in a fancy new color. In addition to the silver, space gray, and gold, the highly rumoured rose gold is now official. It’s not a super bright smack in the face neon pink but rather a more toned-down pinkish gold which I think looks great. The iPhone 6 is now only available in silver and space gray. So if you want that gold, you have got to go 6s or 6s plus. On top of that this feature phone has 7000-series aluminium which means they’re stronger, they’re more durable and more likely ready for that bend. Much like the aluminium, stronger and more durable. But I think that’s something that needs to be tested with time.


iPhone 6s and 6s Plus - Know before you buyMuch like last year, there are both differences and similarities between the two. Just like the 6 and 6 plus, the screen size is exactly the same. They’re coming with 4.7 and 5.5 inches with the exact same resolution as well: 1334 by 7050 on the 6s and 1920 by 1080 on the 6 plus. Contrary to most upgrades, both the iPhone 6 and 6s plus are slightly thicker and heavier than their predecessors. The extra thickness isn’t massive, it’s only 2mm, but where the bigger difference lies is the weight. The iPhone 6s is 14 grams heavier and the iPhone 6s plus is 20 grams heavier. The last key difference between the two is “OIS” or Optical Image Stabilization: The 6s plus has it and 6s does not.


The third thing that you need to know, the iPhone 6s and 6s plus are fast as five monkeys on a bicycle. Inside is Apple’s A9 chip which looks like it will perform very similar to the iPad Air 2 A8X processor which is a beast. CPU performance is 70% faster than the previous generation and graphics performance is 90% faster which is balls crazy. The A9 co processor on the other hand which is essentially is the A9 sidekick can track things like motions, fitness, and steps are now integrated directly into the A9. That will help overall performance and efficiency. Lastly based on performance I would assume on the A9 is a tri-core processor much like the iPad Air 2 but I haven’t seen it confirmed anywhere. If you’ve seen that, definitely let me know.


The fourth thing that you should know is the 3D touch actually looks cool. So 3D touch is essentially is a re-brightened forced touch as a new layer of functionality reacting to how much pressure you apply to your screen. For starters there are two main functions: a peek and a pop. A peek is a light press that lets you preview something and the pop is deep press that lets you fully engage the action. For example, in mail you can light press to get a preview or deep press to fully enter the e-mail. This also applies to the link someone sends.

You can peek the preview or pop to open the link or even location at maps. You can peek to get a glance or pop to dive into the full map. It also opens up quick action which I think can be really useful. With this, you can press the camera icon and it’s going to bring up a sub menu with a series of short cuts you can then select. This will also apply to messages, apps, gaming and multitasking. iOS 9 in general, it looks solid and I’m still to check it out.


iPhone 6s and 6s Plus - Know before you buyThe fifth thing you need to know is that the cameras look really good. We see a jump off 8 to 12 MP. Like usual, there are tweaks and improvements to hardware and software. But forgetting about these super technical specs for a second, the pictures that Apple showed up today were killer. Really impressed me most today is the color and dynamic range. The iPhone 6s and 6plus are now part of team crispy. 4k video recording on the smartphone is not a new thing but if you’re an iPhone user, that’s good news. I am personally looking forward to shooting some footage with it. Lastly, for you selfie maniacs are also a pretty solid front facing camera is great as well. Previously the iPhone 6 and 6 plus boarded a 1.2 MP front shooter whereas the 6s and 6s plus both now have a 5MP so even selfies can be crispy.


The last thing that you need to know that the iPhone 6s and 6s plus are fast. They also have cameras but they feature 16GB storage as the base model. 16GB is way too small. It’s really just a marketing tactic to make the 64 GB model that is more appealing. We need more storage, especially with how much is used up by video and social media these days.


There’s no winner and no recommendation to made here. Apple, on all of their devices, have always allowed encryption and have taken a stand against the FBI against intrusion from “big brother”. We endorse both of these phones.

Now, the actual choosing part is up to you.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge a Secure and Private Device?

These are some flagship phones for this year and they’re very similar in looks and feel to last year’s S6 and S6 Edge, but there are some key differences that Samsung’s really improved in a number of ways.

For one, the S7, is a 5.1″ display so it’s the same size as last year but the back has been curved, so it’s a little bit more comfortable to hold very similar to the Note 5’s design there. But the bigger change is with the S7 Edge. It’s now a 5.5″ screen. It still has that dual curved edge display, but the back has a slight curve to it as well to make it more comfortable to hold and easier to pick up off a table.

Samsung Galaxy s7 - Can it be secure?

The bigger screen is still in a compact size, you can see this is a pretty small phone. It’s not much bigger than the 5.1″ S7, it’s significantly smaller than other phone with the 5.5″ screens like the iPhone 6+ and it makes it a lot easier to use in one hand and to slip into that to your pocket and yet, it still gives you a really big display. The display itself is obviously Samsung super AMOLED technology. It’s got QHD resolution.

You can see here on the back, the camera has been trimmed down a lot, so it’s not, doesn’t stick out as much as it used to. It’s a 12-megapixel camera this year, so it’s a new sensor and Samsung says that the auto-focus system has been greatly improved as well as low-light capture, it’s brighter lens, a larger pixels for better low-light capabilities and then a lot of the other details are very similar to last year’s phones.

However, the big change here is obviously you can now put a micro SD card slot in, and these new phones are now also water resistant up to one and a half meters for 30 minutes. So those are two big changes for last year’s phone. Inside, the devices that we sold here in the U.S will be running Qualcomm SnapDragon 820 whereas Samsung use its own Exynos processor elsewhere, obviously very high-end fast processor.

Samsung Galaxy s7 - Encryption and securityEverything here is gonna run really fast and quick it’s running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it’s got Samsung’s TouchWiz skin on top of it and of course supports Samsung pay, quick charge or fast charging, wireless fast charging all those features that have become kind of standard on Samsung devices. The one thing that’s been updated for the S7 Edge is the new Edge panel here, it’s larger, you can see more detail, you can get more information, you can add more shortcuts to apps, you can add direct shortcuts to for various activities like taking a selfie, there’s a bit more customization there as well.

The other one other feature that Samsung’s added is a new always on display, so you can see the time, and date and you can set a picture, a clock, or notifications. Here, that will always be acceptable on the screen itself, it’s not a wake up or anything like that, it’s just always on the screen. Samsung says that the S7 & the S7 Edge will be available on all carriers here in the U.S and you can expect them to hit stores on March 11th and price range would be roughly around the same as last year’s. That’s it for the Samsung S7 & S7 Edge, for more be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

I think we can all agree that the device is physically sound. But how is the software? Android is not known for it’s security and is often cracked by law enforcement or even criminals trying to gain access to your personal information.

Here are some tips to lock up your phone from prying fingers:

  1. Enable Encryption: Go into Settings > Security > Encryption on your android device and be sure to enable encryption. This should be the first step you take with any new phone or tablet.
  2. Download a WatchDog app: There are many secure apps on the Play Store that will lock down your phone in a variety of ways.
  3. Use Encrypted Messaging services for private conversations: All of this encryption on your device will mean nothing the moment you send a unencrypted text message or email. We highly, HIGHLY recommend that you download the popular “WhatsApp” messaging app which uses end-to-end encryption. This means that nobody, even the app manufacturer, can read your messages.

If you are looking to test the Android ecosystem and are curious if the security is strong enough for your needs I suggest that you first purchase a less expensive device to do your testing. A good example of this is an android tablet for $100, just take a look at the reviews and pick up the one you want. They are mostly available on Amazon and you can read the reviews there as well.

Be sure to check back with us and let us know what you discover.

A Guide to Social Networks

Social networks, as referred to in the 21st century, are web sites used to communicate with friends, family, or even co-workers and colleagues. Examples include:

Grouped in a similar category is twitter, a micro-blogging platform used to relay up to 140 characters to any number of people.

There is hardly anyone who has not at least heard of social networking. Whether their familiarity is through firsthand experience or simply because people talk about it all the time, online social networking has become a pastime and a lifeline for people of all ages. Social networking is a great way to keep in touch with friends, plan events, and even meet people if done with caution and an ample amount of common sense. If one can keep it friendly, be smart, and not post those pictures from when you got hammered last weekend (because at least some of your friends’ moms’ have Facebooks, I’m sure) online social networking can be both fun and worthwhile.

Private or ‘Friends only’ settings on social networking sites can help keep the internet safe for everyone. Making sure to never publicly announce specific plans or air dirty laundry also keep online aspects of a relationship both happy and healthy. By using common sense and remembering what your mother always told you about never talking to strangers, you are sure to have a good experience with any kind of online social networking in which you involve yourself.

Update and Status on our current work

WOW! Things are really going well for our Cyber Safety Program here in Cabell County. This year, our partners at Verizon WV provided us with over $25,000!!!! to fund our projects! Also, the WVDE provided us with $10,000 to train students, parents, and teachers on ways to stay safe online. What have we done with all the money?? Well, Im happy you asked!

This year we formed a cadre of teachers from around the state to put our heads together and come up with ways to educate students, parents, and teachers, on cyber safety. We have heldmultiple “Parent Nights” with great guest speakers from MarshallUniversity Forensics and the WV State Police. These great events taught our caring parents helpful hints on ways they can get involved in young people’s online activities. We held student assemblies to educated students on the serious dangers of sexting and other risky online behaviors. Last but not least, we provided professional development for teachers to show them safe ways to usemoderntechnologywith our students. Oh yea…. I almost forgot…We also bought stuff! Lots of stuff! Our student Cyber Safety Group loves creating funny videos to show students safe practices online. So, we invested in state of the the art video equipment including cameras, high powered computers, lights, microphones, amobile lab of 10 notebook computers, and more!

I hope by this you can tell that we are excited about reaching and teaching this generation of young people with technology. We want to thank Verizon WV and WVDE for helping us educate parents and teachers on online safety and most importantly, keeping our kids safe!